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This is another version of my Birch Trees in a larger format. I have used a new gradient of greens to sky blues in the background and introduced some darker pinks with the lighter pinks that creates the feel of flowers. I also used a white and a cream for the trees to add depth. Inspired by my own backyard in the Adelaide Hills and also my memories of my grandmas place as a kid. I loved the fuzzy flowers we used to crumble up and use in our mud pies. Now they become an issue when I paint outside during the months they float away from the tree and end up in my paintings but still love them. Or drop a heavy branch when gardening. Wanted to created a contrast with these trees to their background for a dramatic effect. The background has a light texture and the trunks have heavy textures. Finished with a satin varnish. The close ups show their colours and textures well.

SOLD - Trees - Textured Birch Trees - 122cm x 91cm

SKU: 0016
  • Size. height 91cm x width 122cm x 4cm edge

    Ready to Hang

    Painted around edges

    Mixed mediums with heavy textures and satin varnish

    Always measure your space to ensure you are happy with the size of the painting.

    My paintings can be dusted with a light cloth or even damp (no chemicals)

  • Free return within 7 days of receiving the artwork.

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