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This painting is a smaller version of the big one I did. Loving the metallic golds contrasting with the deep blues and added burnt oranges for the tropical vibes like the oranges from the Bird of Paradise flower. This painting was inspired by wanting to paint something tranquil and calm as now being in a world pandemic we are surrounded by so much negative news and worry. I also wanted to paint something that was therapeutic for myself as a lot of my usual art subjects require a bit of math and measurement. This was a free flowing painting, finding my zen. It reflects pebbles in water which again is very calm and soothing. This versions background has a light texture vs the circular texture. A mix of deep blues, turquoise, light blues, greeny blues, whites, orange, silver and golds.

SOLD - SOLD - Coastal Tropical Marine Pebbles Textural Abstract - 122cm x 91cm

SKU: 0032
  • Size. height 91cm x width 122cm x 4cm edge

    Ready to Hang

    Painted around edges

    Mixed mediums with heavy textures and gloss varnish

    Always measure your space to ensure you are happy with the size of the painting.

    My paintings can be dusted with a light cloth or even damp (no chemicals)

  • Free return within 7 days of receiving the artwork.

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