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I am very EXCITED that I am teaming up again with Charlie Scalzi from God’s Hill Wines Barossa Valley to release another art wine series. This time we will be using 6 of my artworks to create a series.

Wine maker Charlie Scalzi requested these birds to be part of the series because of his fond childhood memories of the Rondine (swallow) that migrated every year back in spring to their nest under his home gutters of Zolli, Italy. The series theme will be a fusion of Australian / Italian.

I have used my signature textures and vibrant colours for this painting also to match the series of art used for the labels x 6.

Back in 2013 I was approached by Charlie Scalzi after exhibiting my artworks at The National Wine Centre and he was very interested in publishing my artworks as a wine label. From there “Divine Wine” was born using two of my artworks the Wine Glasses and the Vine for their 2012 Chardonnay and 2011 Shiraz.

God’s Hill Wines – Scalzi Estate Background: A family business producing a selection of premium quality red and white wines, situated in the famous Barossa Valley. Their style is a continuation of a tradition which has been practiced since Roman times in the Campania region of Central Italy. After establishing God's Hill Vineyard with his family, Charlie Scalzi's love and passion for fine wine created the God's Hill Wines label. In doing so he has followed in the footsteps of his ancestors; bringing an ancient tradition to a new land.They specialise in small batch boutique wines. The combination of naturally occurring fertile soil and the deeply respectful winemaking methodology makes for a wine experience that is unique. The vineyard is set in the wine region the original inhabitants called Poonawatta which means my fertile land. God's Hill Wines are made from a careful selection of premium grapes from Charlie's God's Hill vineyard carefully tended by the vigneron Felice Scalzi, Charlie's son. "God's Hill, the wines with heart and soul." Visit

SOLD - Birds - Rondine Swallows in trees textured abstract - 40cm x 61cm

  • Size. height 60cm x width 40cm x 4cm edge

    Ready to Hang

    Painted around edges

    Mixed mediums with heavy textures and gloss varnish.

    Always measure your space to ensure you are happy with the size of the painting.

    My paintings can be dusted with a light cloth or even damp (no chemicals)

  • Free return within 7 days of receiving the artwork.

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