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Inspired by my own backyard and living in the hills. We grow lots of our own fruit and vegetables and spring time gets me excited with all the blossom blooming in our yard. Also inspired by our surrounding pear, apple orchards and don't forget the wineries. This painting says "spring time fresh"! I did a fruit series many years ago in a more rustic style with browns and golds. This is my first Oranges I have painted. Super textural too. Finished in a satin varnish. Photos dont show its true textures. Check the close ups and sizes to get a better idea of the finish. Background is of a sky textured blue with a white wash which brings out the textures. The leaves and oranges are super textural too. This one is a real show stopper, fresh colour pop for your room. Also leaves and background painted around edges.

Orange Tree impasto textured - 50cm x 70cm

  • Size. height 50cm x width 70cm x 4cm edge

    Ready to Hang

    Painted around edges

    Mixed mediums impasto with heavy textures and satin varnish.

    Always measure your space to ensure you are happy with the size of the painting.

    My paintings can be dusted with a light cloth or even damp (no chemicals)

  • Free return within 7 days of receiving the artwork.

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